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Embrace LOFT Party with Tanesha Willis

Friday, Jan. 9th, 8pm-9:15pm

Tanesha is premiering her Freakum Yoga class for the first time on Jan. 9th at 8pm. Freakum Yoga challenges you to explore your mind and reveal your sensual side through yoga. Reach your peak by connecting breath, life and movement. No matter your physique, age or gender, feel free to be, learn you and unleash the ultimate you. Freakum Yoga is all about self-awareness and exploration. Join Tanesha for an unforgettable experience. Use your class pass or a single class drop-in for $17.



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Friday, Nov. 21, 8pm-9:30pm, Loft Party (playlist will appear on Spotify after class) – REGISTER ONLINE!

Sunday, Nov. 23, 11am-12:30pm, Spiritually FLY Flow (playlist will appear on Spotify after class) – REGISTER ONLINE!

Sunday, Nov. 23, 1pm-1:30pm, Info Session:  Yoga Teacher Training (200-hr & 300-hr Programs) – REGISTER ONLINE!

Monday, Nov. 24, 8pm-9:15pm, Embrace Flow (all levels) – REGISTER ONLINE!