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Embrace Rewards

We are extremely excited to launch our newest rewards program that will replace Belly. This program integrates seamlessly with your MindBody Online account.


Take Yoga at Embrace = Get Rewards

EMBRACE rewards program comes with a little help from our friends at Perkville. If you have points on Belly, please let us know via yoga (at) We will gladly transfer the points over to Perkville.

Here’s how you earn points:

- Every class you take = 5 points

- Attend a workshop = 5 points

- Post about Embrace on Facebook after a visit = 5 points

- Refer a friend who earns rewards points = 5 points!

- Follow Embrace on Twitter – 10 points

- Tweet about Embrace on Twitter = 5 points

- BONUS Points: We’ll have special ongoing opportunities that will give you additional point-earning opportunities so stay connected on Facebook & Twitter

Redeem Your Embrace Points

150 Points – 17 Embrace Dollars (cost of a single class)

250 Points – 25 Embrace Dollars (cost of a workshop)

500 Points – 50 Embrace Dollars (1/2 the cost of a private session)

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m in! How do I join? You’ll receive an email the day after you take your first class starting this week. It’s got the scoop on how to sign up.

What does the email look like, so I can keep an eye out for it? The email asking you to register with Perkville will look like this one. (click to enlarge it):

You’ll also receive an email each time you earn points.


I didn’t receive an email from Perkville, how can I get started? You can always sign up for Perkville directly at, just be sure to use the same email you used to sign up for Embrace so you can earn points!

I can earn points just by posting on Facebook? SWEET! I post a everyday… Yes, post away and share your Embrace experience and path with your friends on Facebook.

And Twitter? YES, points for following us on Twitter too. Details are there after you sign up.

Sounds great and all, but I’m not interested! No worries, we won’t pester you! Joining our rewards program is totally optional. You can opt out in the email invites. Thank you for being a part of the Embrace Family! Please let us know if you have any questions. We’re excited to reward you for hanging at Embrace.

I just received a great Embrace deal/update through e-mail from Perkville! How do I purchase it?

In the e-mail, you should see a green “Buy” or “View It” button. If you have images disabled in your e-mail account, you will just see the link “Buy” or “View It”. Click that to purchase your deal before it expires!

Can I gift my Perkville points to someone else? Sorry, Perkville points are non-transferrable. However, you can refer a friend and get points.

Can I apply my Perkville points towards my $89 monthly membership or a special deal? Unfortunately, due to processing complications, we can’t apply the points towards monthly memberships or deals. Many members use their Perkville points on workshops, mat rental, or private sessions. There are plenty of ways to enjoy those points!

I still need help with my account! Perkville support can be reached at or by phone at 1(415)723-4318 for account troubleshooting or any technical questions about Perkville.