Welcome New Customers!

When you decide to redeem your deal/voucher, PLEASE REGISTER ONLINE through the MindBody Online EMBRACE WEBSCHEDULER, and follow the steps below! Please don’t call, this will only delay your ability to redeem your deal/voucher. Also remember what is printed on the voucher, “Class reservations required and space is subject to availability.” This is an intimate loft space, so reservations are required.

Redeem Your Voucher

To redeem the voucher please follow these directions, and enter your personal information into our MindBody Online system.

1) Click this link to access our online system – Register Online. This will open in a new window.




2) If you are new to Embrace sign up under “New to Our Site.”

3) Follow the directions through the online system (First Name, Last Name, etc.)

4) Please do not duplicate your account if you are a current Embrace customer or if you have already created an account with Embrace. This will only delay the redemption process.

5) Once you have created an account by filling out the required information, email us at – yoga(at)embracedc(dot)com to let us know you are ready to redeem your voucher and include your Voucher & Barcode Number. We will then add your Class Pass to your account.

**You can also bring your voucher into the studio if this is easier.**

***The pass WILL NOT APPEAR when you register & provide us with a copy of the voucher or voucher/barcode number***

You will need to create an account then email us first. DO NOT PAY FOR CLASS….JUST CREATE AN ACCOUNT, THEN EMAIL US! It take at least 48 hours for us to verify purchase and upload your class pass. At that time, you will receive an email notification that your classes are available.

6) Please include your Name & voucher/barcode number in the email.



6) Print your voucher and bring it with you to your first class at Embrace. You can also have it available to view on your cell phone.

7) Please register online FIRST!!


Voucher/Deal Gift Instructions:

If you have been given a voucher as a gift, please do the following:

(1) Follow the directions above.

(2) Email us – yoga(at)embracedc(dot)com with your full name and voucher/barcode number. Also include the name of the person that purchased your voucher.

(3) Wait 24-48 hours for your class pass to be entered into the system. You will receive an email confirmation.

(4) Sign up for classes!

Register Online


Having problems

1) If for some reason you can’t access the system, please email us at yoga(at)embracedc(dot)com with your full name and voucher/barcode number.

2) You can always drop-in and bring your voucher (during open hours). However, this may not guarantee that you can take class on the same day.

Online Registration

Because we have a personalized and intimate loft space, we highly recommend that you register online. Please Note: We block our classes at 18 online registrants, however we do leave a few spots for dropins. If you plan to dropin, please arrive at least 10-15mins before class.

NEW to Yoga

If you are new to yoga, please click HERE!


Hours of Operation

Click HERE to view our class schedule and hours!

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