Embrace Your Flow

Step inside and Embrace Your Flow™. Embrace your beauty, your passion, and your true divine self!

EMBRACE with Faith Hunter Yoga is vinyasa inspired yoga loft that serves as an urban refuge to celebrate life, love and soul freedom through the practice of yoga and community. This modern-yogi haven is a place to have fun in the practice while connecting to the divine love in your heart.

We invite you to dance your dance, breathe gracefully into your yoga practice, and open your heart to the abundance of life. Because each body is different, we are here to help you move in your own authentic way, and find bliss in your pose called life.

Our mantra:
Live life to the fullest, EMBRACE life with passion, EMBRACE your flow!

The practice of yoga is a heart-centered experience that has been shared by millions of people for thousands of years. As modern yogis, our connection to yoga has evolved and shifted over time, however the fundamental principles of pure love and passion for life have remained constant in a changing world.

To this day, we all seek balance, joy and divine love in every aspect of our lives. Through the practice of yoga, we feel connected to the source, and are able to experience this on and off the mat with the loving connection to community.

Inspired by our mantra, we seek to create an inspiring, blissful, and joyous environment where every yogi (no matter the level) feels welcomed.

Big Hugs,

Faith and the Embrace Family!